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NTFS Data Recovery Software

NTFS Data Recovery Software
NTFS data recovery software has capability to recover your lost data from NTFS and NTFS5 partitioned hard disk drives. Data undelete software quickly restores deleted pictures, images, snaps, text files and song collections from NTFS and NTFS5 hard disk partitioned. NTFS data retrieval software uses advanced inbuilt disk scanning technique that helps to search and recover lost, deleted, damaged or missing files and folders from hard drives. NTFS data recovery software supports all major hard disk drives including SATA, ATA, SCSI and IDE.
Software Features
  • NTFS data recovery software quickly restores lost data from previously existing hard disk partitions.
  • NTFS data retrieval program provides quick recovery of deleted or lost files due to human error, software/hardware faults, power fault and many other reasons.
  • NTFS data restoration utility supports major IDE, SCSI and SATA hard disk standards.
  • Data Recovery tool recovers lost data whenever "Drive not formatted" error message displays on your computer.
  • NTFS file undelete program has inbuilt advanced disk scanning technology to search and restore missing, lost or deleted data.

Recovers files in major data loss conditions:-

NTFS data restoration software recovers data in major data loss situations including:

  • Accidental deletion of files and folders
  • Formatted or Re-formatted hard disk drives
  • Improper system shut down
  • Virus infected hard disk drives
  • Corrupted boot sector
  • Software/hardware malfunction
  • Inaccessible disk drives and other similar data loss reasons

Software Screenshots

Select any searching mode
Select any searching mode to recover lost data. For demonstration purpose , here we have selected "Signature Search" .
Select Drive or Partition
Select drive/partition from which you want to recover data. Then proceed to "Next" button.
Browse Path to Save Data
Currently performing searching process. You can stop searching process by clicking on 'Stop' button.
Scanning Process
To view recovered data, Click on 'Open Containing Folder' button.


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